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Wonderbuild - an extremely fast, extensible build tool

Wonderbuild is a build tool that handles all the phases involved in building software: configuration/checks, build, installation.

Builds are described in python modules. Wonderbuild does not try to hide the python language, it requires to have a good knowledge of python. On the other hand, if you do know python well enough, it shouldn't take a long time to learn wonderbuild since it exposes only a minimal number of powerful concepts, rather than burying everything behind a massive API.

If you don't like waiting a long time for your builds to finish, you'll be pleased with the speed wonderbuild reaches: it has been designed from the ground up to be the fastest build tool, and according to benchmarks done with it and various other build tools, the goal has been reached (only tup is faster, but that's a different kind of build tool). You can read the benchmarks here:

Wonderbuild's speed is due to an implementation that:

  • allows tasks to start executing immediately, discovering task dependencies dynamically,
  • makes it possible to take advantage of multi-cpu/core systems at all levels in the code, never loosing an opportunity of parallelism,
  • minimises filesystem calls.

Wonderbuild is currently undocumented.

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