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create me, before we lose the world


This is an open project for people, who not only imagine the end of capitalism, but who are willing to create a better world. This world should meet all human needs while staying inside planetary boundaries. We are convinced that by creating such a new system, we can replace the old obsolete one, that since it started propagating from the west crushs the whole world.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. - Buckminster Fuller


But what do we want to achieve with this project?
Let people live by the following principles and watch how a regenerative system of production and exchange emerges that meets everyone's needs:

  • living in communities: not only is it closer to our human needs and enables security to one another, it is also a more efficient use of resources. This prerequisite of sharing an habitation and the creation of a whole new sphere of commons results in a number of other things that define how life looks like in this alternative world:
    • social intelligence: communication has to be better than in this world for it to work, since a lot of trust in one another is definitely necessary.
    • How to organise such a community is open for discussion :)
  • independence of economic growth: this community should drive whether or not the economic grows, which means it should have a certain degree of self-sufficiency.
  • a regenerative system: is sustainable since it only takes as much as the environment can give and restores the destroyed. There is no burning of fossil fuel and polluting the atmosphere because this would be a burden to earth - our live support system. Rather humans in this world use renewable sources to sustain themselves and are a part of ecosystems, actively supporting biodiversity.
  • a distributive world: This world ends inequality by designing it, to make it impossible to amass ridicules amounts of wealth and power. Such an equal society would also end discrimination since everyone can live in abundancy. And it would be the most natural thing to let all knowledge be libre.
  • lastly, freedom: members should never have to make a commitment to the live in this community, at all time they're free to opt out. And of course they have the freedom to decide what to think and what to do at any moment. But compromises will have to be made.

The goal of this peoject should be to make these ideals a reality lived by a lot of people as fast as possible. Since the human made problems on this world are too pressing and urgent to solve, wasting another 5 years making no progress is intolerable. With other words from the latest IPCC report:

Any further delay in concerted anticipatory global action on adaptation and mitigation will miss a brief and rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all.

It's obvious that such communities would also engage in political action to change status quo.


You are on a very similar quest and want to grow the number of seeds that will form a generative ecosystem of an alternative world, then please contribute to this world, it would make the next generation really happy :). For further interest here is a full guide on how to contribute to this project.


  1. First, connect with people and share ideas. <-we are here
  2. Write an handbook on how to create an alternative world
  3. Help people to connect so they can create seeds of such a world.
  4. Learn from their mistakes.
  5. Help grow whole ecosystem of post-capitalistic world.


The repository hosts a number of different files with different duties. The file lists nodes of such a system which already have been created by lovely people imagining a better world. The markdown file named lists a bunch of YouTube Videos that give an idea of what we want to create. The file draws a picture of how such a world might be designed - economical, political and social. In you can read how to grow the community behind such a idea, which is a crusial step for making it an actual reality.

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