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pastebin is a self-hosted pastebin web app that lets you create and share "ephemeral" data between devices and users. There is a configurable expiry (TTL) afterwhich the paste expires and is purged. There is also a handy CLI for interacting with the service in a easy way or you can also use curl!


$ go get


Run pastebin:

$ pastebin

Create a paste:

$ echo "Hello World" | pb

Or use the Web UI: http://localhost:8000/

Or curl:

$ echo "Hello World" | curl -q -L --form blob='<-' -o - http://localhost:8000/

There is also an included command line utility for convenience:

echo hello | pb


When running the pastebin server there are a few default options you might want to tweak:

$ ./pastebin --help
  -expiry duration
        expiry time for pastes (default 5m0s)
  -fqdn string
        FQDN for public access (default "localhost")

Setting a custom -expiry lets you change when pastes are automatically expired (the purge time is 2x this value). The ``-fqdn` option is used as a namespace for generating the UUID(s) for pastes, change this to be your domain name.

The command-line utility by default talk to http://localhost:8000 which can be changed via the -url option or by creating a $HOME/.pastebin.conf configuration file with contents similar to:

$ cat ~/.pastebin.conf



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