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je - Job Engine

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A distributed job execution engine for the execution of batch jobs, workflows, remediations and more. You could also use je as a simple FaaS (Function as a Service) or "Serverless Computing" aka "Lambda".


  • Simple HTTP API
  • Simple command-line client
  • UNIX friendly


$ go get


Run the je daemon/server:

$ je -d
INFO[0000] je 0.0.1-dev (HEAD) listening on

Run a simple job:

$ job run -r echo -- 'hello world'
hello world

You should see something like this on the server side:

$ je -d
INFO[0000] je 0.0.1-dev (HEAD) listening on
[je] 2018/05/20 20:33:40 ([::1]:50853) "POST /echo?args=hello+world HTTP/1.1" 302 0 10.342742ms
[je] 2018/05/20 20:33:40 ([::1]:50853) "GET /search/47 HTTP/1.1" 200 212 198.135µs

Related Projects

  • msgbus -- A real-time message bus server and library written in Go with strong consistency and reliability guarantees.


je is licensed under the term of the MIT License

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