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Sakai Admin Template for Vue

Live Preview

Visit Sakai Vue website for a live preview.

Getting Started

Sakai is an application template for Vue based on the Vue CLI that provides out-of-the-box standard tooling for Vue projects. To get started, clone this repository from GitHub and install the dependencies with npm or yarn.

npm install



Next step is running the application using the serve script and navigate to http://localhost:8080/ to view the application. That is it, you may now start with the development of your application using the Sakai template.

npm run serve

Vue CLI Scripts

Following commands are derived from create-app-app.

"npm run serve": Starts the development server
"npm run build": Builds the application for deployment.
"npm run lint": Executes the lint checks.
"npm run test:unit": Runs the tests.


Sakai consists of 2 main parts; the application layout and the resources. App.vue inside src folder is the main component containing the template for the base layout whereas required resources such as SASS structure for the layout are placed inside the src/assets/ folder.

Layout Components

Main layout is the template of the App.vue, it is divided into a couple of child components such as topbar, menu and footer. Here is template of the App.vue component that implements the logic such as menu state, layout modes and so on.


Menu is a separate component defined in AppMenu.vue file based on PrimeVue MenuModel API. In order to define the menuitems, navigate to data section of App.vue file and define your own model as a nested structure using the menu property.


Dependencies of Sakai are listed below and needs to be added to package.json.

    "primevue": "~3.7.1",
    "primeicons": "~4.1.0",
    "primeflex": "~3.0.0",

PrimeVue Theme

Sakai uses the free Saga, Arya and Vela themes which are distributed within PrimeVue, however it can be used with any PrimeVue theme as well such as material, tailwind and bootstrap as layout colors are derived from the theme used via CSS variables.

SASS Variables

In case you'd like to customize the layout variables, open _variables.scss file under src/layout folder. The list is pretty short as majority of the variables are derived from the PrimeVue theme being used.


$maskBg:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4);

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