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Awesome Open Source

Automated backend generation for HTML forms

Technologies used: CKEditor, HTML5, CSS3, BootStrap, JSoup API, JavaScipt, jQuery, Java Servlet and PHP.

The idea of the project comes under the topic of opportunistic programming.

It is a ubiquitous system that automatically generates the backend for HTML forms. The user either can upload an existing HTML form or create one right into the system using an editor called CKEditor which is a WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) type of editor.

The user gets 3 choices for a serverside scripting program and 3 choices for a database.

User has following choices,

*Serverside scripting language,

  1. Java (Servlet)
  2. PHP.


  1. Oracle
  2. PostgreSQL
  3. MySQL

After selecting both choices, the HTML Form is then parsed by a java program written using a JSoup API and then backend for HTML is generated.

The Final output will be a zip file contains,

  1. HTML form.
  2. Server-side scripting program.
  3. SQL file.

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