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BPStatusBarAlert is a library that allows you to easily make text-based alert that appear on the status bar and below navigation bar.


StatusBar Position

NavigationBar Position


  • Deployment Target - iOS 8.3
  • Swift Version - Swift 3



BPStatusBarAlert is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "BPStatusBarAlert"


Copy the folder BPStatusBarAlert to your project


First, you need the following import BPStatusBarAlert

import BPStatusBarAlert

Now, you can uses BPStatusBarAlert simply like this

@IBAction func buttonTapped(_ sender: Any) {
        .message(message: "Complete Sharing This Contents")

Initialize BPStatusBarAlert with no parameters, it will set up default value for property Default setting

  • Animation Duration : 0.3
  • Animation Delay : 2.0
  • Postion : .statusBar
  • Background Color : UIColor(red: 77/255, green: 188/255, blue: 201/255, alpha: 1)
  • Message Text : ""
  • Message Text Color : .white
  • Completion : nil

So, If you want customize property, just call init method with parameters and chaning function

  • init (customize Duration, Delay and Postion) BPStatusBarAlert class init method is composed below code
public init(duration: TimeInterval = 0.3, delay: TimeInterval = 2, position: AlertPosition = .statusBar)

So, if you change time interval in animations and position of BPStatusBarAlert, using defaults paramaters

  • chaning function (customize Background Color, Message Text, Message Text Color, Completion)
BPStatusBarAlert(duration: 0.3, delay: 2, position: .statusBar) // customize duration, delay and position
    .message(message: "Complete Sharing This Contents")         // customize message
    .messageColor(color: .white)                                // customize message color
    .bgColor(color: .blue)                                      // customize view's background color
    .completion { print("completion closure will called") }     // customize completion(Did hide alert view)
    .show()                                                     // Animation start


  • [x] Change window level on NavigationBar position
  • [ ] Support landscape Mode
  • [ ] Custom Show and Hide (like facebook)
  • [ ] Support Custom Navigation Bar


Ben.Park, [email protected]


always welcome :) Only pull request.


BPStatusBarAlert is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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