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Docker Web-UI

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links:
・latest (production/Dockerfile)


A web user-interface for docker.


handling docker containers

  • search containers (by status, labels, query strings)
  • inspect, top, stats, logs, diff, rename, commit
  • start, stop, restart, kill, rm
  • search its image

tailing containers' logs

  • filter target containers by labels
  • monitoring logs (10~200 lines each) every specified seconds

watch containers' statistics

  • filter target containers by labels
  • display CPU & memory on running containers by charts
  • details on the bottom table

watch specified container's logs & stats

  • monitoring logs (10~200 lines each) every specified seconds
  • you can check CPUs & memorys at the same time

handling docker images

  • search images (by labels, query strings)
  • docker pull a new image
  • docker pull the same image again
  • inspect, history, tag, rmi


1. Run the application

as a docker-compose service

  image: pottava/docker-webui
    - "9000:9000"
    - "${DOCKER_CERT_PATH}:/etc/docker-compose/cert"
    - DOCKER_CERT_PATH=/etc/docker-compose/cert
    - APP_LABEL_OVERRIDE_NAMES=com.docker.compose.service
    - APP_LABEL_FILTERS=com.docker.compose.service

or as a simple docker container

$ docker run -p 9000:9000 --rm -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock pottava/docker-webui
$ docker run -p 9000:9000 --rm -e DOCKER_HOST -e DOCKER_CERT_PATH=/etc/docker-compose/cert -v $DOCKER_CERT_PATH:/etc/docker-compose/cert pottava/docker-webui

or as a go binary

$ go get
$ docker-webui

2. Access to the following URL


Startup Options

You can set environment variables or use config.json to configure the application.

Option (config.json) Environment Variables Description Default
Name APP_NAME name of this application 'docker web-ui'
Port APP_PORT port the app is listening on 9000
  CONFIG_FILE_PATH path of config.json '/etc/docker-webui/config.json'
ViewOnly APP_VIEW_ONLY if you set true, you cannot change docker state false
LogLevel APP_LOG_LEVEL 1:fatal, 2:err, 3:warn, 4:info, 5:debug, 6:trace 4
LabelOverrideNames APP_LABEL_OVERRIDE_NAMES override containers name by its label value
LabelFilters APP_LABEL_FILTERS labels for filtering containers & images ['all']
DockerEndpoints DOCKER_HOST docker API endpoints (tcp or socket) [unix:///var/run/docker.sock]
DockerCertPath DOCKER_CERT_PATH set certifications' absolute path on the host ['']
DockerPullBeginTimeout DOCKER_PULL_BEGIN_TIMEOUT timeout of docker pull to start 3 * time.Minute
DockerPullTimeout DOCKER_PULL_TIMEOUT timeout of docker pull 2 * time.Hour
DockerStatTimeout DOCKER_STAT_TIMEOUT timeout of docker stat 5 * time.Second
DockerStartTimeout DOCKER_START_TIMEOUT timeout of docker start 10 * time.Second
DockerStopTimeout DOCKER_STOP_TIMEOUT timeout of docker stop 10 * time.Second
DockerRestartTimeout DOCKER_RESTART_TIMEOUT timeout of docker restart 10 * time.Second
DockerKillTimeout DOCKER_KILL_TIMEOUT timeout of docker kill 10 * time.Second
DockerRmTimeout DOCKER_RM_TIMEOUT timeout of docker rm 5 * time.Minute
DockerCommitTimeout DOCKER_COMMIT_TIMEOUT timeout of docker commit 30 * time.Second
StaticFileHost APP_STATIC_FILE_HOST host name which provides static files
StaticFilePath APP_STATIC_FILE_PATH static file path on the host '$GOPATH + /src/'
PathPrefix APP_PATH_PREFIX URL Path prefix for path based routing
PreventSelfStop APP_PREVENT_SELF_STOP prevent to stop this app itself if you set true true
HiddenContainers APP_HIDDEN_CONTAINERS hide specified containers if you like []


  1. Fork (
  2. Create a feature branch
  3. Commit your changes
  4. Rebase your local changes against the master branch
  5. Create new Pull Request

Copyright and license

Code released under the MIT license.

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