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Transform/Coerce props values to whatever you want


npm install vue-coerce-props

Install the mixin globally or locally:

// main.js
import CoercePropsMixin from 'vue-coerce-props'

// MyComponent.vue
import CoercePropsMixin from 'vue-coerce-props'

export default {
  // other options
  mixins: [CoercePropsMixin],


To coerce a prop, add a coerce function to any prop:

const SpaceTrimmer = {
  props: {
    text: {
      type: String,
      // this function is called by VueCoerceProps
      coerce: text => text.trim(),
    style: {
      type: String,
      coerce(style) {
        // you can access the context as in a computed property
        // NEVER use this.$coerced here as it would create an infinite loop
        // if you use things coming from data, you may consider using
        // a computed property instead
        return this.possibleValues.includes(style) ? style : 'default'

VueCoerceProps will inject a computed property named $coerced containing every single coerced prop:

  <span>Original value: {{ text }}</span>
  <span>Coerced value: {{ $coerced.text }}</span>


  • Q: Why not passing component props as second argument? A: That would make every coerce value depend on every prop. At the end $coerced is just a computed property



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