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This is a version of IPAdic packaged for use in Python with mecab-python3 or fugashi.

You Shouldn't Use This

This is the version of IPAdic included with MeCab. It hasn't been updated since at least 2007. The organization that created it no longer does this kind of work. The contact URLs listed in the source no longer resolve. It doesn't contain important recent terms like 令和, the current era name.

Instead you should use Unidic, which is maintained by NINJAL.

This package is provided for compatability with old benchmarks or models.


To install:

pip install ipadic

To initialize with mecab-python3:

import MeCab
import ipadic
tagger = MeCab.Tagger(ipadic.MECAB_ARGS)


IPAdic is copyright the Nara Institute of Science and Technology and ICOT. For details see the COPYING file included in this distribution. This version of the dictionary is distributed in compliance with the terms specified in that file.

The code in this repository is by Paul McCann and is available under the MIT or WTFPL license, as you prefer.

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