AWS EC2 OpenVPN on demand with terraform
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This is a Terraform project to build and start an OpenVPN server running within AWS EC2 instance of any region or size. In a single command, start up a new personal OpenVPN server in any region in AWS in less than a minute.

Disclaimer: This is very much a work-in-progress and an experiment.


  1. Setup AWS

    Create/Use an IAM Setting in your AWS configuration that can at a minimum manage EC2 and Security Groups. Set the configuration in your shell.

    export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="<access id>"
    export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="<access secret>"
  2. Install Terraform.

  3. Checkout this Repository.

  4. Run terraform init in the projects directory.

  5. Run terraform plan to validate the project on your machine.


To create your own OpenVPN server: run terraform apply in the directory of this project, that's it.

This will do a few things:

  1. Creates a fresh SSH Key pair in the keys directory for this instance only.
  2. Creates a new Security Group and EC2 Instance in AWS.
  3. Installs and configures OpenVPN on new instance.
  4. Creates a client configuration file for your device. You will be presented with a download command on success to run via scp.


To run your new setup in a separate region, pass -var "region=ca-central-1" or equivalent to terraform plan and terraform apply. To use a different instance size, pass -var "instance_size=t2.micro" or equivalent to terraform plan and terraform apply.


To take down your already created VPN: run terraform destroy in the project directory.


Read more about setting up OpenVPN on Ubuntu with Digital Ocean's setup.

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