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On the Rocks Craft demo site

This repo contains all of the templates, front-end resources, and a MySQL DB dump for On the Rocks, a demo site built with Craft.

It has the following features:

  • Multiple sections (“Cocktails”, “Ingredients”, and “Blog”)
  • A local asset source (“Drinks”)
  • A Links field pointing to the Drinks asset source, used by the Cocktails and Ingredients sections
  • A Links field pointing to entries in the Ingredients section, used by the Cocktails section
  • A global set called “Homepage” for editing the homepage fields
  • A global set called “Globals” with a “Meta Description” field for editing the <meta name="description"> tag’s content attribute
  • A single layout template which all other site templates extend
  • Front-end user registration, login, and password resetting
  • A custom 404 template


The site is running the Pro Edition of Craft and as long as you’re running the site from, you can use all of the features if provides for free for an unlimited time. You will even have the option to install the Client or Personal Editions, if you want to play around with them.


To get On the Rocks running locally, follow these instructions:

  1. Download/clone the repo on your computer

     $ git clone
  2. Set the permissions on craft/storage/ to 777

     $ cd ontherocks
     $ chmod 777 craft/storage/
  3. Set the permissions on craft/config/ to 744, 774, or 777 depending on the relationship between the user that Apache/PHP is running as and the user who owns the craft/config folder. (See the Craft installation docs for details.)

     $ chmod 774 craft/config
  4. Download the latest version of Craft from

     $ curl -L -o /tmp/
     *Note:* In the above example, replace the version (2.0) and the build (2525) numbers with the latest from
     $ unzip /tmp/ -d BaseCraft
  5. Move the craft/app/ folder from into ontherocks/craft/

     $ cp -R BaseCraft/craft/app craft/app
     $ rm -R BaseCraft && rm /tmp/
  6. Create a new MySQL database called “ontherocks”

     $ mysql -u root -p
     Enter password:
    CREATE DATABASE ontherocks CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
    GRANT ALL ON ontherocks.* TO 'rocks_user'@'localhost' identified by 'letmein';
    USE ontherocks;

    This can also be done via a management tool like phpMyAdmin.

  7. Import SQL/ontherocks.sql into your new database

    mysql>source SQL/ontherocks.sql
  8. Fill in the proper MySQL credentials in craft/config/db.php (from step 6)

  9. Create a new virtual host with the hostname “” that points to the public/ folder

  10. Edit your hosts file to resolve to, if necessary

Now you should be able to point your web browser to You should either see a Craft login screen, or a prompt telling you that some database updates need to be run. If it’s the latter, just click “Finish up”.

Now point your browser at You should see the On the Rocks homepage.

Logging in

The Craft CP is located at You can log in with the following credentials:

Username: admin Password: password

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