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======== piwheels

piwheels is a project for automating building Raspberry Pi platform wheels (pre-compiled binary distributions) for all Python packages found on PyPI_.

.. _PyPI:

piwheels.org_ is a Python package repository providing Raspberry Pi wheels built by the project. See the homepage for usage and more information about the service.



If you have an issue with the piwheels project (i.e. related to the source code here, not the packages hosted on on the piwheels/piwheels_ issue tracker.

If you have an issue with a specific package found on, please use the piwheels/packages_ issue tracker, using the links on the package's project page_ on

.. _piwheels/piwheels: .. _piwheels/packages: .. _project page:


If you're interested in developing with piwheels, or running your own instance, see the project documentation at piwheels.readthedocs.io_.


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