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Kubernetes Native Container Build Service

kpack extends Kubernetes and utilizes unprivileged kubernetes primitives to provide builds of OCI images as a platform implementation of Cloud Native Buildpacks (CNB).

kpack provides a declarative builder resource that configures a Cloud Native Buildpacks build configuration with the desired buildpack order and operating system stack.

kpack provides a declarative image resource that builds an OCI image and schedules rebuilds on source changes and from builder buildpack and builder stack updates.

kpack also provides a build type to execute a single Cloud Native Buildpack OCI image build.

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Documentation & Getting Started

kpack Working Group

There is a weekly working group meeting to discuss all things kpack!

The meeting takes place every Tuesday at 10 AM EST.

This doc contains the zoom link and notes, along with the recordings of previous meetings.

Come join us in the Kubernetes slack as well!

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