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Nobody loves boilerplate, especially if feels like you rewrite it every time you start a new project. Xalami is a starting point for Xamarin Forms projects that includes a lot of elements you'll use in every project. It's also delicious!

Included in the project are such tasty goodies as:

  • An emphasis on MVVM
  • A simple localization framework based on .resx files
  • A Navigation service which wraps a Xamarin Forms NavigationPage, support parameter passing, and navigation by View type or ViewModel type.
  • Several useful XAML markup extensions
  • An ItemsStack control
  • And more!


Xalami supports: iOS, Android and UWP.

Getting Started with Xalami

Check out the Getting Started page on the wiki!



...just dive in and download it from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

You can also download it directly from inside the Visual Studio. Go to Tools -> Extension Manager -> Online, and search for Xalami. After you install it, when you go File -> New -> Project, Xalami will be in your list under Visual C# -> Cross-Platform.


...get it from the Releases in the repo.

We're working on getting an addin uploaded to the Xamarin Studio/VS for Mac addin gallery!


Xalami is lightweight but opinionated. This means that we expect you to use the template as a starting point, and not a heavyweight framework that you must conform to. Xalami does however expect you to follow a few basic tenets:

  • You app is based around an MVVM architecture
  • You have a centralized navigation service
  • You have one ViewModel per view, and a view corresponds roughly to a single "page" in your app
  • You use XAML to define your UI





The Installer

The installer is made up of three projects:

  • The Xalami.VsixInstaller project, which generates a .vsix installer for Visual Studio.

  • The Xalami.XamarinStudioAddin project which generates (or will, anyway) an .mdpack installer for Xamarin Studio.

  • In order to build the templates, a .nupkg must first be generated from the .nuspec file in the project root:

nuget pack Xalami.nuspec
  • Then, simply right-click the project which builds the extension you're interested in and select Build!


Much love to Futurice for making this possible.

Proudly sponsored by Futurice's Spice Program (and its mascot, the Chilicorn)


Just as much love to the Pepperoni App Kit which served as this project's inspiration.

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