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What is this?

kindleBridge is a docker/nodejs based service to convert URLs reveived in an email into an eBook reader-friendly format (and optionally forward it to the eBook reader, again, by email).


  • output can be pdf or mobi (mobi needs an external binary in the programs root folder)
  • basic feedback about results on webpage
  • interaction with the program is usually a single email


To dispatch the service as is, you would need

  • docker 0.13 installed (outside of docker-compose, node >= 7.5 is required. Using docker: Be careful, the image is big, under the hood this sets up an xserver on a framebuffer device inside the container.)
  • a domain for receiving emails and the MX pointing to Mailgun
  • a account and email-routing / webhooks set up (target for both: HOST:PORT/addToKindle)
  • the kindlegen binary for linux (located at /usr/local/bin/kindlegen)

In it's default configuration, the program expects the following variables configured in a .env file (in project's root folder)

  • MAILGUN_API_KEY (account for sending and receiving emails)
  • EMAIL_DOMAIN (the domain)
  • CONTACT_EMAILADDR (your email)
  • SEED (some random string for deterministic crypto)


This project is released under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.

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