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Laminas-db Adapter for PHP-Casbin

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Laminas-db adapter for PHP-Casbin.

The list of officially supported drivers:

  • IbmDb2: The ext/ibm_db2 driver
  • Mysqli: The ext/mysqli driver
  • Oci8: The ext/oci8 driver
  • Pgsql: The ext/pgsql driver
  • Sqlsrv: The ext/sqlsrv driver (from Microsoft)
  • Pdo_Mysql: MySQL via the PDO extension
  • Pdo_Sqlite: SQLite via the PDO extension
  • Pdo_Pgsql: PostgreSQL via the PDO extension


Use Composer.

composer require casbin/laminas-db-adapter


Before using it, you need to create a table named casbin_rule for Casbin to store the policy.

Take mysql as an example:

CREATE TABLE `casbin_rule` (
  `ptype` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  `v0` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
  `v1` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
  `v2` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
  `v3` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
  `v4` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
  `v5` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL

Then you can start like this:

require_once './vendor/autoload.php';

use Casbin\Enforcer;
use Casbin\Util\Log;
use CasbinAdapter\LaminasDb\Adapter;

$adapter = new Adapter([
	'driver' => 'Pdo_Mysql', // IbmDb2, Mysqli, Oci8, Pgsql, Sqlsrv, Pdo_Mysql, Pdo_Sqlite, Pdo_Pgsql
	'hostname' => '',
	'database' => 'test',
	'username' => 'root',
	'password' => '',
	'port' => '3306',

$e = new Enforcer('path/to/model.conf', $adapter);

$sub = "alice"; // the user that wants to access a resource.
$obj = "data1"; // the resource that is going to be accessed.
$act = "read"; // the operation that the user performs on the resource.

if ($e->enforce($sub, $obj, $act) === true) {
    // permit alice to read data1
} else {
    // deny the request, show an error

Getting Help


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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