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esp-adf (esp-idf) audio_hal component for AI-Thinker's ESP32-A1S module (AC101 codec)

This is a audio_hal component for AI-Thinker's ESP32-A1S [1] module respectively ESP32 Audio Kit [2]. The audio_hal component shipped with the esp-adf [3] unfortunately doesn't provide any interface to add third-party codec. This is based on AI-Thinker's code [4], which is an esp-adf fork with modifications for this codec (AC101).

How to use:

Clone this repository into components/audio_hal of your esp-adf project:

cd /path/to/your/project
git clone components/audio_hal

Or add it as a git submodule:

cd /path/to/your/project
git submodule add -b master components/audio_hal

This will then take precedence over the one in $ADF_PATH/components/audio_hal.

The modifications to audio_hal.h and audio_hal.h are very minimal and upgrading this with later versions of the esp-adf should be easy. There is one additional function esp_err_t audio_hal_pa_power(bool enable) not present in the original code. Use this to controls the power of the power amplifier on AI's ESP32 Audio Kit board.

There is an example in the example subdirectory. Note the symlink example/components/audio_hal.

Happy hacking!


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