Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Please read the blog post introducing Trinity, and the follow-up discussing the new major release.

Trinity is a modern C++ information-retrieval library for building queries, indexing documents and other content, running queries and scoring documents matching them. It facilitates the development of search engines and other systems and applications that depend on that functionality, and has been designed with simplicity, performance, modularity and extensibility, and elegance in mind. Read More

Please check the wiki for documentation. There is barely any documentation for now (though I encourage you to check the codebase comments), but this will change once I can find the time to improve the situation. Apologies for that, but, again, please spend some time studying the codebase; a lot of time went into designing the API and how the various subsystems interact with other, and everything is documented in the codebase.

Trinity is developed by Phaistos Networks, S.A

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