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This API client lib is used to communicate with geth (go-ethereum) node.

Last Updated: 01/04/2018 (works perfect with last geth-1.7.3-4bb3c89d).

Via this client lib you can easily run operation on the node such is:

  • Get account balance,
  • sign transactions,
  • deploy transactions,
  • ...

Full documentation of all methods that can be run on geth node are described here:


composer require achse/geth-jsonrpc-php-client


// Create HTTP client instance (you can use something simplier just wrap it by using IHttpClient interface)
// Create JsonRpc client which can run any operation on your geth node
$httpClient = new GuzzleClient(new GuzzleClientFactory(), 'localhost', 8545);
$client = new Client($httpClient);

// Run operation (all are described here:
$result = $client->callMethod('eth_getBalance', ['0xf99ce9c17d0b4f5dfcf663b16c95b96fd47fc8ba', 'latest']);

// $result->result ==='0x16345785d8a0000'

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