Haskell LAPACK bindings
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Python Inject42246242 years ago23August 17, 202010apache-2.0Python
Python dependency injection
Node Tree Sitter369116108a month ago187October 26, 202237mitC++
Node.js bindings for tree-sitter
Disqus Api Recipes271
2 years ago15PHP
Cook all the things!
Zephyr Rust162
2 months ago3apache-2.0Rust
API bindings, libstd, and Cargo integration for running Rust applications on a Zephyr kernel
Discord Webhooks147
8 days ago15July 01, 20229apache-2.0Java
Provides easy to use bindings for the Discord Webhook API
2 years ago3otherCommon Lisp
Portable channel-based concurrency for Common Lisp
18 days ago4otherCommon Lisp
Common Lisp bindings for the ncurses terminal library.
4 years ago7otherPascal
0MQ Delphi binding
Objc Zmq99
7 years ago3mitC
Objective-C binding for ZeroMQ.
Blake3 Py87135 months ago13January 13, 20224otherPython
Python bindings for the BLAKE3 cryptographic hash function
Alternatives To Lapack
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To build the package, there is no need to run the configure script. Just use the standard cabal commands:

runhaskell Setup.lhs configure
runhaskell Setup.lhs build
runhaskell Setup.lhs install

The package uses a script to find what BLAS and LAPACK libraries to link with. To link with a custom BLAS, add the "--with-blas=" argument to --configure-option; to link with a custom LAPACK, add the the "--with-lapack=" argument. For example, do

runhaskell Setup.lhs configure --configure-option="--with-blas=<lib>"

To build this package from the repository, first run

aclocal -I m4


The thread safety of the library depends on the thread-safety of the underlying LAPACK implementation. You should note that the reference implementation of LAPACK (which is what ATLAS uses) is not thread safe. Any routine which modifies a read-only argument and then restores it is problematic. Potentially dangerous functions which get used in the library include the following: DORMQR, ZUNMQR.

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