Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Unsupported anymore

This application is unsupported anymore, but a new "version" is coming in the next few months! :)



A Burp Suite content discovery plugin that add the smart into the Buster!


  • Now inside Burp Suite Store
  • Or See Wiki page for manual installation


  • Looks for files, directories and file extensions based on current requests received by Burp Suite
  • Checks for:
    • Directories in the current URL directories
    • Files in the current URL directories
    • Replace and add extension to current files
    • Add suffix and prefix to current files
  • Easy and documented code
  • Verbose and logging


  • In progress: Technological and environment checks (PHP, IIS, Apache, SharePoint, etc.)
  • In progress: Community data
  • Limit Thread speed
  • Use the spidering results for actual brute forcing

Presentations and release date

Code workflow and options

See the Presentation PDF.

More information to come in the wiki.

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