🍝 Pastas is an open-source Python framework for the analysis of groundwater time series.
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Prometheus50,86891117 hours ago748November 15, 2023953apache-2.0Go
The Prometheus monitoring system and time series database.
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An open-source time-series SQL database optimized for fast ingest and complex queries. Packaged as a PostgreSQL extension.
Questdb13,055311 hours ago79November 24, 2023420apache-2.0Java
An open source time-series database for fast ingest and SQL queries
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📈 A small, fast chart for time series, lines, areas, ohlc & bars
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The Time Series Visualization Tool that you deserve.
Bosun3,35935 months ago11May 13, 20219mitGo
Time Series Alerting Framework
Pytorch Forecasting3,349102 days ago34July 26, 2020438mitPython
Time series forecasting with PyTorch
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Pastas: Analysis of Groundwater Time Series


Pastas: what is it?

Pastas is an open source python package for processing, simulating and analyzing groundwater time series. The object oriented structure allows for the quick implementation of new model components. Time series models can be created, calibrated, and analysed with just a few lines of python code with the built-in optimization, visualisation, and statistical analysis tools.

Documentation & Examples

Get in Touch

  • Questions on Pastas can be asked and answered on Github Discussions.
  • Bugs, feature requests and other improvements can be posted as Github Issues.
  • Pull requests will only be accepted on the development branch (dev) of this repository. Please take a look at the developers section on the documentation website for more information on how to contribute to Pastas.

Quick installation guide

To install Pastas, a working version of Python 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11 has to be installed on your computer. We recommend using the Anaconda Distribution as it includes most of the python package dependencies and the Jupyter Notebook software to run the notebooks. However, you are free to install any Python distribution you want.

Stable version

To get the latest stable version, use:

pip install pastas


To update pastas, use:

pip install pastas --upgrade


To get the latest development version, use:

pip install git+

Related packages

  • Pastastore is a Python package for managing multiple timeseries and pastas models
  • Metran is a Python package to perform multivariate timeseries analysis using a technique called dynamic factor modelling.
  • Hydropandas can be used to obtain Dutch timeseries (KNMI, Dinoloket, ..)
  • PyEt can be used to compute potential evaporation from meteorological variables.


Pastas depends on a number of Python packages, of which all of the necessary are automatically installed when using the pip install manager. To summarize, the dependencies necessary for a minimal function installation of Pastas

  • numpy>=1.7
  • matplotlib>=3.1
  • pandas>=1.1
  • scipy>=1.8
  • numba>=0.51

To install the most important optional dependencies (solver LmFit and function visualisation Latexify) at the same time with Pastas use:

pip install pastas[full]

or for the development version use:

pip install git+[full]

How to Cite Pastas?

If you use Pastas in one of your studies, please cite the Pastas article in Groundwater:

To cite a specific version of Python, you can use the DOI provided for each official release (>0.9.7) through Zenodo. Click on the link to get a specific version and DOI, depending on the Pastas version.

  • Collenteur, R., Bakker, M., Calj, R. & Schaars, F. (XXXX). Pastas: open-source software for time series analysis in hydrology (Version X.X.X). Zenodo.
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