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Pangeo + Binder (dev repo for a binder/pangeo fusion concept)
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Pangeo + Binder (dev repo for a binder/pangeo fusion concept)
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Pangeo's BinderHub

Deployment and configuration documentation files for the public service.

Deployment Status

Branch Build Docs Deployment
staging CircleCI Documentation Status
prod CircleCI Documentation Status

Binder Monitoring

Monitoring of the binderhubs is done with Prometheus and Grafana.

About Pangeo's Binder

Much like, the Pangeo's BinderHub deployment ( allows users to create and share custom computing environments. The main distinction between the two BinderHubs is that Pangeo's BinderHub allows users to perform scalable computations using Dask.

For more information on the Pangeo project, check out the online documentation.

How to Deploy:

This repo is continuously deployed using CircleCI. It can also be deployed from a local computer using the following command:

deployment={staging,prod}  # choose one
helm upgrade --wait --install --namespace=${deployment} ${deployment} \
    pangeo-binder --version=v0.2.0 \
    -f ./deploy/${deployment}.yaml \
    -f ./secrets/${deployment}.yaml

More Information

The setup and configuration of Pangeo's BinderHub largely follows the Zero to Binderhub instructions. A few key distinctions are present:

  1. We define our own chart, pangeo-binder, so that we can mix in some Pangeo specific bits (e.g. a RBAC for dask-kubernetes). The pangeo-binder chart is based on the binderhub chart but most settings are indented under the binderhub chart level. The project does the same thing in
  2. The deployment steps in section 3.4 of the Zero to Binderhub documentation are modified slightly to account for the pangeo-binder chart. The steps are briefly outlined below:
    # get current versions of the chart dependencies
    cd pangeo-binder
    helm dependency update
    # install the pangeo-binder chart
    helm install pangeo-binder --version=0.2.0-...  --name=<choose-name> --namespace=<choose-namespace> -f secret.yaml -f config.yaml

Additional Links and Related Projects

Testing Binder Updates

We deploy staging and prod BinderHubs. Before re-deploying prod by merging staging into prod, it's a good idea to test the deployment on some real-world examples.

Create an empty pull request against the staging branch with the text test-staging in the commit message.

.. code-block:: console

$ git checkout -b test-staging $ git commit --allow-empty -m 'test staging' $ git push -u origin

Once that pull request is opened, the script in .github/workflows/scripts/ is run. That will run the latest versions of the notebooks in against

  1. The staging binder deployment (e.g.
  2. The staging Docker image (e.g.
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