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Pascal's Configuration Files

These are the configuration files I actively use. I use them to set up my notebook as well as my small server.

Characteristic Features

  • [Xmonad] When a window is in focus the mouse cursor is placed in the center of the window.
  • [NixOps] system.autoUpgrade plays nicely together with NixOps (my take on NixOS/nixops#842).
  • [NixOps] Module systemd-email-notify that notifies via email when any service fails.
  • [Nixpkgs] Packages are installed in custom environments that are combined in an attribute all-env.
  • [Nixpkgs] The channel (nixpkgs version) is defined in config.nix.
  • [Xmodmap] Capslock is mapped to (left) control.


As this repository contains configurations for multiple systems, there is no way to install them all at once.

Dot Files

You can install the dot files via a GNU stow wrapper. Note that the wrapper requires Nix. Calling the wrapper without any additional arguments stows (ie. soft-links) the dot files into your home directory.


All arguments you pass to the wrapper are passed directly to GNU stow. This allows you to preview what the installation will look like

./stow-it --stow --simulate

to update an existing installation

./stow-it --restow

or to remove all links that were created by GNU stow.

./stow-it --delete

NixOS Configuration

I have one NixOS configuration file and separate files with hardware configurations for different notebooks. As this is structure is very static you have to copy the files by hand to use my configuration.

NixOps Configuration

Currently I am managing one server via NixOps. With a little bit of tweaking you should get this configuration running. Some things that you will definitely need to adapt: Keys / passwords, hostname and device names.

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