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Docker repository to build leakz website and API


First you must clone the repository and then change directory.

git clone [email protected]:webtobesocial/docker_leakz.git
cd docker_leakz

First things first. There are some steps you might do to run the container. You must create create_user.js file in the mongodb folder. Then you want to replace <password> with your own password.

db.createUser({user: "pymongo", pwd: "<password>", roles: [{ role: "readWrite", db: "intel" }] });

Next you must create a .secret file in the frontend folder. Then you want to replace <password> with your own password which must be the same as the above password you choose.


Then you create a .config file in the same frontend folder.

    "mongodb_db": "intel",
    "mongodb_uri": "mongodb",
    "mongodb_port": "27017",
    "influxdb_db": "metric",
    "influxdb_uri": "influxdb",
    "influxdb_port": "8086"


Now you are ready to run following commands from your shell.

docker-compose build --no-cache
docker-compose up -d

Now you may run docker ps to verify that all three containers are up and running. Next we want to execute the following command. Make sure to replace <password> with your choosen password some steps above.

docker exec docker_leakz_mongodb_1 bash -c "mongo intel create.js"

Then you should be able to open the website under


Try to run the following command from your host system.

docker logs docker_leakz_mongodb_1
docker logs docker_leakz_frontend_1
docker logs docker_leakz_nginx_1

Don't hesitate to contact me @webtobesocial with your question.

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