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Box is a text-based visual programming language inspired by Unreal Engine blueprint function graphs.

$ cat

 (Factorial)                     [Branch]                       [Set]
                       True               [For Loop]                   
              n                      False                              Loop body       
                              result                                                     *=  
                 >=                                                   result         
              1                                                              1  start                     
                                                             [Return]                        1  step                
                                                    1                                                 [Return]

$ box -e 5

$ box -o

$ cat
def Factorial(n):
    if (n >= 1):
        result = 1
        for index_8b6ee4f2 in range(1, (n + 1), 1):
            result *= index_8b6ee4f2
        return result
        return 1

Getting Started

Install the box interpreter with pip

pip3 install boxlang

Now open your text editor and start drawing your program! Check out existing samples here.

Anatomy of a Box

A Box has 2 types of ports: control flow ports () and data flow ports (). These ports can additionally be classified as input or output ports. All ports to the left side of a box are input ports and all ports on the right side of the box are output ports.

Below, you can see a [For Loop] box which is a special type of box that the interpreter can parse - It has 1 input control flow port, 3 input data flow ports (start, end, and step), 2 output control flow ports (the loop body and completed control flows), and 1 output data flow port (the index)


Function Graphs

Box programs are function graphs. Functions have a single entry point designated by a node with the name of the Function containing a single output control flow port.

Here's a simple hello world example. This example declares a Greet() function that prints the string "Hello, World!" to the console. It calls the built-in print function.


Execute the above program with the box interpreter like so:

$ box samples/ -e


  • Function declarations
  • Defining constants and variables
  • Operators - Unary, binary, and assignment operators
  • [Set] - set the value of variables
  • Function calls - Call Python built-in functions
  • [Branch] - if-else box
  • [For Loop] - Python-style for loop with (start,end,step)
  • [While Loop] - Python-style while loop
  • [For Each] for iterables
  • [Break] and [Continue] boxes
  • [Return] box to return values from functions


  • The interpreter will likely fail if you have tabs in your file - replace all tabs with the appropriate number of spaces
  • There are a number of UNICODE character you'll need for this to work - Just look through the samples and COPY-PASTE (no, seriously)


Contributions are welcome, have a look at the document for more information.


The project is available under the MIT license.

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