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E-Commerce By Django

For live preview :


E-commerce website contains:

5 Apps :

1. Accounts
2. Products
3. Orders
4. Reviews
5. Contact Us
  • User register
  • User login
  • User logout
  • Change password
  • Reset password
  • User delete account
  • Send activation code when register
  • Order products
  • Edit order quantity -with jquery functionality-
  • Delete order
  • Add review to products
  • Calculate avg to every product
  • Contact us message

Usage :

Run project by :

# change database connection information in DATABASES default values with your info then run 

1. python migrate

2. python runserver

# if you want to manage to project just create super user account by :

3. python createsuperuser

That's it.

Done :

Now the project is running at http://localhost:8000 and your routes is:

Route HTTP Method Description
{host} GET Home page
{host}/admin/ GET Admin control panel
{host}/accounts/register/ POST User register
{host}/accounts/activate/{code}/ GET Activate user account after register
{host}/accounts/login/ POST User login
{host}/accounts/logout/ GET User logout
{host}/accounts/change_password/ POST User change password
{host}/accounts/profile/ GET User profile
{host}/accounts/profile/update/{pk}/ PUT User update checkout information
{host}/accounts/profile/delete/ POST User delete account
{host}/accounts/reset_password/ POST User email
{host}/accounts/reset_password/done/ POST Send reset password email
{host}/accounts/reset_password/confirm/{uidb64}/{token}/ POST Enter new password
{host}/accounts/reset_password/complete/ POST Finish reset password
{host}/products/ POST Products page
{host}/products/category/{category}/ GET Search products by category
{host}/products/all/ GET All products
{host}/products/{slug}/ GET Product detail
{host}/orders/order/{id}/ POST Order product
{host}/orders/order/{pk}/update/ POST Update order quantity
{host}/orders/order/{id}/delete/ POST Delete order
{host}/orders/cart/ GET Cart page
{host}/orders/pending/ GET Pending orders
{host}/orders/rejected/ GET Rejected orders
{host}/orders/accepted/ GET Accepted orders
{host}/orders/buy/ POST Buy orders
{host}/orders/thank_you/ GET Thank you page
{host}/reviews/add_review/{id}/ POST Add review
{host}/reviews/update_review/{id}/ POST Update review
{host}/reviews/delete_review/{id}/ POST Delete review
{host}/contact_us/ POST Contact us message

For detailed explanation on how project work, read the Django Docs and MySQLDB Docs


This project made by Osama Mohamed


This project is licensed under the MIT License

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