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Appo Music


Appo Music is a full-stack clone of the incredible Apple Music online streaming platform, with an aim to re-create it's core features, seamless design, and excellent user experience.


  • Ruby on Rails


  • JavaScrip ES6
  • React
  • Redux


Music Player

  • Fully functional music player
  • Clicking/playing a song adds song to music player and automatically creates a queue of next songs
  • Loop/shuffle functionality (setting saved for next session if logged in)
  • "LCD" display with current playback information and relevant links to song artist & album
  • 30 Second previews for logged out users
  • Space bar support to play/pause from keyboard


  • Live search the entire database
  • Results seperated by appropriate categories
  • Selecting a result leads to relevant page

Artist Page

  • Displays most recent release and chronological discography
  • Live list of top songs – calculated by play count
    • Selecting a top songs leads to album that contains it, hightlights song, and brings it into view for easy selection
  • Quickplay
    • Start playback of artist's most popular songs
  • Artist description modal

Album Page

  • Displays album track listing and information
  • Ability to save individual songs or entire album to user library
  • Ability to add song to playlist

Playlist CRUD

  • User can create, rename, delete and add songs to playlist
  • Playlist page contains all playlist songs with a rotating display of their album's cover artwork

User Authentication

  • Simple, yet elegant modal for user account creation and login
  • Demo user provided with automatic login functionality

Future Features

  • Up/arrow/enter key functionality on album/playlist pages
  • Improved mobile compatibility

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