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#+TITLE: Orga


#+BEGIN_QUOTE org-mode with JavaScript #+END_QUOTE

  • What Is It

=Orga= is a flexible org-mode syntax parser. It parses org content into AST ([[][Abstract Syntax Tree 🌲]]), then what you can do with it is limited only by your imagination.

  • Why

The reason why markdown is so popular is that org-mode is kind of trapped inside of emacs (I am joking, sort of. 😉). I want to share the awesomeness with the rest of the world. JavaScript runs everywhere nowadays, so, why not.

  • What You Can Do with it NOW
  • Build a full-featured gatsby blog in seconds, customize it progressively, bits by bits. [[][Here is the post]].
  • Build a bare-bone gatsby website (for those of you tinkerers), start building your website from raw data.
  • Integrate org-mode into any of your JavaScript projects. E.g. a real-time org-mode -> HTML transformer on your website, like [[][this one]].
  • What You Can Do Potentially
  • emacs-less cli for org-mode
  • org-mode desktop app with [[][electron]], or a [[][Visual Studio Code]] extension.
  • org-mode mobile app with [[][react native]].
  • Compatible Eco-systems

Nobody likes to reinvent wheels more than us programmers. But when you see a pretty solid wheel, it's wise to take advantage of it.

** [[][Unified]]

#+BEGIN_QUOTE ☔️ interface for parsing, inspecting, transforming, and serializing content through syntax trees #+END_QUOTE

The =orga= parser is completely compatible with unified. Which means you get to take advantage of the works of others put into the pipeline. [[][linting for natural language]], [[][correct your writing]], [[][write music]]? etc.

** [[][Gatsby]]

#+BEGIN_QUOTE Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with React #+END_QUOTE

One of the best static website/app generator out there. Trust me; I have tried a lot. Don't be put off by words like =React= or =JavaScript=. Like it or not, they are taking over the web. orga is deeply integrated with gatsby (via [[file:packages/gatsby-transformer-orga/][plugins]] and [[file:packages/gatsby-theme-blorg/][themes]]) to create the tools for building powerful websites without much hassle. Also, We can leverage other plugins people build for markdown-based websites. Which is a much richer eco-system, now it's ours too.

  • How Does It Work
  • [[file:packages/orga/][Learn more about the parser]]
  • [[file:packages/orga/src/types.ts][Learn more about the definition of the AST]]
  • [[file:examples/example/][Learn by example how to transform org-mode syntax into HTML]]
  • [[][Learn more about building websites with org files]]
  • Documentation [[][Here]].
  • Contribute

After you clone the code:

#+begin_src shell

Bootstrap the Project

yarn run bootstrap

Run Unit Tests

yarn test

Play with the Website

cd www yarn run develop #+end_src

If you find any issue, try to reproduce it on [[][this convenient web page]], generate a permalink with the button, and attach it to your GitHub issue.

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