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Logical Authorization Bundle

This Symfony bundle provides a unifying solution for authorization that aims to be flexible, convenient and consistent. It combines the expressive power of with the philosophy of Matthias Noback in his blog post to create a solid authorization experience for the developer.

  • Declare your permissions in the mappings for your routes, entities and fields
  • Combine multiple permissions with logic gates such as AND and OR
  • Support for routes, Doctrine ORM and Doctrine MongoDB
  • Review all of your permissions in a single overview tree
  • Filter results from repositories automatically with repository decorators
  • Intercept interactions with entities automatically with entity decorators
  • Export your permissions for easy synchronization with client-side applications
  • Debug each access check with detailed information


Requirements: Symfony 4.1 or higher.

Main bundle

composer require ordermind/logical-authorization-bundle

Support for Doctrine ORM

composer require ordermind/logical-authorization-doctrine-orm-bundle

Support for Doctrine MongoDB

composer require ordermind/logical-authorization-doctrine-mongo-bundle

Getting started

Find the documentation here:

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