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OpenGlobus is a javascript library designed to display interactive 3d maps and planets with map tiles, imagery and vector data, markers and 3d objects. It uses the WebGL technology, open source and completely free.

The OpenGlobus main goal is to make 3d map features fast, good lookin, user friendly and easy to implement in any related project.


npm install @openglobus/og


Check out the hosted examples, or the API documentation.

Get Started to contribute


  1. Clone repository.
  2. Run in the repo folder:
npm install

Build Complete Library


npm run build

Other scripts

npm run core - build og.core (rendering engine) stand-alone

npm run webgl - build og.webgl (webgl wrap) stand-alone

npm run api - build api documentation into /api folder

npm run serve - run local web server for develop and watch examples

npm run font - generate custom font atlas

Support the Project

There are many ways to contribute back to the project:

  • Help us test new and existing features and report bugs.
  • Help answer questions on the community forum and chat.
  • ⭐️ us on GitHub.
  • Spread the word about OpenGlobus on social media.
  • Send donations.
  • Become a contributor.



Build Status Join the chat at

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