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This faas-provider can be used to write your own back-end for OpenFaaS. The Golang SDK can be vendored into your project so that you can provide a provider which is compliant and compatible with the OpenFaaS gateway.

Conceptual diagram

The faas-provider provides CRUD for functions and an invoke capability. If you complete the required endpoints then you will be able to use your container orchestrator or back-end system with the existing OpenFaaS ecosystem and tooling.

See also: backends guide


The following is used in OpenFaaS and recommended for those seeking to build their own back-ends:

  • License: MIT
  • Language: Golang

How to use this project

All the required HTTP routes are configured automatically including a HTTP server on port 8080. Your task is to implement the supplied HTTP handler functions.

For an example see the main.go file in the faas-netes Kubernetes backend.


	timeout := 8 * time.Second
	bootstrapHandlers := bootTypes.FaaSHandlers{
		FunctionProxy:  handlers.MakeProxy(),
		DeleteHandler:  handlers.MakeDeleteHandler(clientset),
		DeployHandler:  handlers.MakeDeployHandler(clientset),
		FunctionReader: handlers.MakeFunctionReader(clientset),
		ReplicaReader:  handlers.MakeReplicaReader(clientset),
		ReplicaUpdater: handlers.MakeReplicaUpdater(clientset),
		InfoHandler:    handlers.MakeInfoHandler(),
		LogHandler: logs.NewLogHandlerFunc(requestor,timeout),

	var port int
	port = 8080
	bootstrapConfig := bootTypes.FaaSConfig{
		ReadTimeout:  timeout,
		WriteTimeout: timeout,
		TCPPort:      &port,

	bootstrap.Serve(&bootstrapHandlers, &bootstrapConfig)

Need help?

Join #faas-provider on OpenFaaS Slack

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