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Open Charge Map is the global public registry of electric vehicle charging locations. Established 2011. Help wanted.
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Ocm System91
8 days ago38mitC#
Open Charge Map is the global public registry of electric vehicle charging locations. Established 2011. Help wanted.
Rtd Kafka16
2 years ago1Java
RTD telemetry feed
6 years agomitC#
sample microservice project to demonstrate use of Azure keyvault and Kubernetes ConfigMaps for Configuration, use of Serilog for strucutered logging, use of repository for cosmosdb
Registry Contracts4
6 years ago1JavaScript
3 years agoJava
5 years agoapache-2.0JavaScript
Early2019: Implementation of a simple blind car auction. The purpose of this repo is to introduce you to the concepts of a blockchain by showing you how a blockchain transfers assets between participants in a business network.
Vehicle Manager1
3 years ago10apache-2.0Java
Vehicle Maintenance Manager - used to manage the maintenance of a set of vehicles
Vehicle Lifecycle Network1
5 years agoJavaScript
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Open Charge Map (OCM)

About the project

Open Charge Map is the global public registry of electric vehicle charging locations. OCM was first established in 2011 and aims to crowdsource a high quality, well maintained open data set with the greatest breadth possible. Our data set is a mixture of manually entered information and imported open data sources (such as government-run registries and charging networks with an open data license). OCM provides data to drivers (via hundreds of apps and sites), as well to researchers, EV market analysts, and government policy makers.

The code in this repository represents the backend systems (API, Web Site and server-side import processing) for the project. Server-side code is developed mostly in C#, currently building under Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition (or higher) with .Net 6, Data is primarily stored in SQL Server, using Entity Framework Core, with an additional caching layer using MongoDB. Most API reads are services by the MongoDB cache.

Developers can use our API to access the data set and build their own apps. The map app source (using latest Ionic/Angular/TypeScript) can be found in its own repo at openchargemap/ocm-app

Basic build/dev prerequisites

  • dotnet 6.x sdk (windows/linux)
  • SQL Server Express
  • MongoDB 5.x

Local Dev Setup

  • Restore SQL database clone https://github.com/openchargemap/ocm-docs/tree/master/Database/Clone
  • Run OCM.Web (main website) project and create a user acccount, in User table set Permissions field for your account to administrator: {"Permissions":[{"Level":100},{"Level":1000}],"LegacyPermissions":"[CountryLevel_Editor=All];[Administrator=true];"}
  • Once you have the Admin menu in the web ui, Admin > Dashboard > Check POI Cache Status > Refresh Cache (All) to rebuild local MongoDB cache. Peridocially run Refresh Cache (Modified) to ensure cache does not become stale (otherwise the SQL database will be used for queries).


  • Configure MongoDB as services and initialise ocm_mirror database
  • Enable read/write for app pool user for \Temp folders
  • Configure web.config

To run an API mirror, see the OCM.API.Worker readme.


Please contribute in any way you can:

  • Improve the data (anyone can do this):
    • Submit comments, checkins, and photos via the website
    • Submit new data, become an editor for your country
  • Grow the user base
  • Improve the system:
    • Help translate the app into other languages see https://github.com/openchargemap/ocm-app/issues/35
    • Help write documentation
    • Web App (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
    • Website development (MVC)
    • Map widget for embedding
    • Sample Code for developers
    • Graphic Design
    • Testing
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