Simulation for the TriFinger Robots
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a day ago12otherPython
Python sample codes for robotics algorithms.
Gobot8,14420234 days ago27May 02, 2022156otherGo
Golang framework for robotics, drones, and the Internet of Things (IoT)
Open Source Rover7,213
3 days ago44apache-2.0Gnuplot
A build-it-yourself, 6-wheel rover based on the rovers on Mars!
8 hours ago17otherC++
Let's upgrade cheap off-the-shelf robotic mowers to modern, smart RTK GPS based lawn mowing robots!
11 hours ago157apache-2.0C++
Webots Robot Simulator
4 days ago23mitJava
OpenBot leverages smartphones as brains for low-cost robots. We have designed a small electric vehicle that costs about $50 and serves as a robot body. Our software stack for Android smartphones supports advanced robotics workloads such as person following and real-time autonomous navigation.
Awesome Robotic Tooling2,321
2 months ago3cc0-1.0
Tooling for professional robotic development in C++ and Python with a touch of ROS, autonomous driving and aerospace.
20 days ago117C++
ROS Navigation stack. Code for finding where the robot is and how it can get somewhere else.
Robotics Coursework1,762
a year ago5unlicense
🤖 Places where you can learn robotics (and stuff like that) online 🤖
Ros Academy For Beginners1,745
2 years agon,ullCMake
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TriFinger Robot Simulation

Welcome to the official simulation of the TriFinger robots!

Screenshots of different (Tri)Finger robots in simulation

The TriFinger Project

To learn more about the TriFinger robots, check out our official project website, and the preprint of this work.


For instructions on how to install and use this package, see the documentation.

Cite Us

If you are using this package in you academic work, please cite this repository and also the corresponding paper:

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