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simple and beautiful git trees

What is gif-leaf?

git-leaf is an application that allows you to view the history of a git repository in a simple and beautiful way.

Screenshot: git-leaf 0.1


Download 0.1:

On Windows and Linux: Unzip/Un-archive the downloaded file. Open the directory and start the executable. If you want, you can create a desktop shortcut or move the directory wherever you want it.

Using the node-webkit app file: Start the .nw file with your node-webkit instance - nw git-leaf.nw


git-leaf is still in active development. The master branch is the experimental branch. There is a strong focus on responsive design and simplicity. To see what plans I have for git-leaf, check out the TODO file.

To test git-leaf, you need node-webkit and npm. Install it globally (or run nw from the right path), then install the dependencies:

npm install

Now you need to recompile libgit for node-webkit, you can do this by running:

cd node_modules/nodegit
nw-gyp rebuild --target=0.8.1
cd ../..

(You might need to update the target to the latest node-webkit version)

If you don't have nw-gyp installed, run:

npm install nw-gyp -g

(You might need to run this command as root by using sudo or su)

Now you can run git-leaf with node-webkit. In my case, I have nw globally installed, if you don't have that, replace nw with the full path to the node-webkit executable:

nw /path/to/git-leaf

In the experimental branch, doing this will start git-leaf with the node-webkit debug frame.


Copyright (c) Daniel Bugl [email protected]

Licensed under BSD standard license. See the LICENSE file for more information.

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