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An app to close issues.

What It Does

The app will check new opened and reopened issues if they include some specific contents. Issues not passed will be commented then closed.


  1. Create a .github/issue-close-app.yml file in your repo. Here's an example:
# Comment that will be sent if an issue is judged to be closed.
comment: "This issue is closed because it does not meet our issue template. Please read it."
# There can be several configs for different kind of issues.
- content:
# Example 1: bug report
  - "Expected Behavior"
  - "Current Behavior"
  - "Steps to Reproduce"
  - "Detailed Description"
- content:
# Example 2: feature request
  - "Motivation / Use Case"
  - "Expected Behavior"
  - "Other Information"
# Optional configuration:
# whether the keywords are case-insensitive
# default value is false, which means keywords are case-sensitive
caseInsensitive: false
# the label that will be added when the bot close an issue
# The bot will only add a label if this property is set.
label: "closed by bot"
# The bot will ignore any issues that are opened or reopened by the user names in exception
  - "username1"
  - "username2"
# The issue is judged to be legal if it includes all keywords from any of these two configs.
# Or it will be closed by the app.

The config file is required to run this app. If the app can not find a valid config file, it will ignore requests from the repo.
2. Install the close-issue-app.
3. Enjoy!


Read probot docs.

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