(LEGACY) Random streaming radio based on AngularJS and SoundCloud API
Alternatives To Pipedbeats
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Soundnode App5,054
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Soundnode App is the Soundcloud for desktop. Built with Electron, Angular.js and Soundcloud API.
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7 years ago
Collection of amazing open source Angular 1.x & Angular 2.0 projects
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Experiment: SC Playlist Manager, built with AngularJS 1
7 years agomitJavaScript
(LEGACY) Random streaming radio based on AngularJS and SoundCloud API
React Next Soundnode3
5 years agootherJavaScript
React Next 2018 - Migrating AngularJS applications to React gradually
Ng Soundcloud Playlist3
9 years ago2mitCSS
Simple AngularJS app to create and share Soundcloud playlists without a Soundcloud login
8 years ago30JavaScript
Soundcloud Mashup
Alternatives To Pipedbeats
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Random themed music for your working hours

What the f*ck is this?

A pure AngularJS application built on top of SoundCloud API. It provides a continuous streaming of music based on your genre preferences or a search keyword.


To execute it

Just a browser and a constant Internet connection.

To make changes on it

You will need some requirements, which you can found on Internet:

  • NodeJS: to execute Bower and Gulp
  • Bower: to manage assets and libraries
  • Gulp: to watch for changes, live building and deploying.

To create your development environment, first install required packages with:

$ npm install -g bower gulp
$ npm install
$ bower install

Also, you can use some gulp commands to make the development easy:

  • gulp: make a development build, start a server on localhost:3000 and watch for changes to refresh the browser automatically.
  • gulp build: make a development build under build folder.
  • gulp dist: make a distribution build (with minified assets) under dist folder.
  • gulp deploy: make a distribution build and deploy it to gh-pages branch. Also pushes the gh-pages branch.

Want to contribute?

Just make a fork of this repository, do whatever you want and make a pull request telling which changes have you implemented :D

Everyone is welcome!


This code and it's build is licensed under MIT license as described in LICENSE file.

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