Python Recsys

A python library for implementing a recommender system
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============= python-recsys

A python library for implementing a recommender system.

================== INSTALLATION NOTES

  1. Dependencies

python-recsys is build on top of Divisi2, with csc-pysparse (Divisi2 also requires NumPy, and uses Networkx). python-recsys also requires SciPy.

To install the dependencies do something like this (Ubuntu):

sudo apt-get install python-scipy
sudo apt-get install python-numpy
sudo pip install csc-pysparse networkx divisi2

# If you don't have pip installed then do:
# sudo easy_install csc-pysparse
# sudo easy_install networkx
# sudo easy_install divisi2
  1. Download

Download python-recsys from github: ocelma/python-recsys

  1. Install

    tar xvfz python-recsys.tar.gz cd python-recsys sudo python install

..and you're all set! (hopefully)

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