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a day ago1mitJavaScript
🔇 Mutes audio ads on Spotify, Deezer, TIDAL and IDAGIO.
Adzerk Management Sdk Ruby42
16 days agootherRuby
Ruby SDK for the Kevel Management API
Tab Ads4
20 days ago3mitJavaScript
A library to manage ads on Tab for a Cause
5 years agoJavaScript
A Chrome Extension to mute Chrome browser when spotify web player tab plays ads
10 years agomitJavaScript
Earth View Min2
6 years agoJavaScript
Google's Earth View extension, without the ads
Alternatives To Adsticker
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Ad Sticker

Online ads are targeted to YOU and are tracking YOU. Why not stick it to the ad networks by clicking on everything?

Ad Sticker.

This extension finds all of the ads on your current web page and clicks on them, opening them in a new tab. Once the tab has finished loading, the tab closes automatically.


You are already being tracked as you browse the web, even if you don't agree to such practices. Why not add some of your own random data to the mix?


Since this extension clicks on each advertisement on a web page, you will likely use more bandwith as you browse. You must click the "Ad Sticker" button to open all advertisements however. It will never run automatically.

Ad Blockers

You can't use adblockers and Ad Sticker at the same time. The ads must fully display on your screen for Ad Sticker to detect and click on them.

Flash Ads

Ad Sticker can't click on Flash based ads. Disable Flash and most ad networks will deliver a static image instead.


Ad Sticker is released under the MIT license.

Based On

This code is based on the Check My Links, by Paul Livingstone.

Hand Icon

Hand Icon from Fugue Icons

(C) 2013 Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved.

These icons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

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