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📢 Are you looking for a good movie to watch? This is the correct repository!


🎉 Live Cinefilia 🎉

👉 Username: nur, Password: nur123456
👉 Username: username, Password: password

🎯 On this project, you can locate the movies you're looking for.

🎯 You may add movies you enjoy to your favorites and add movies you watch to your watch list.

🎯 You can sort the films you're looking for by genre, release date, title, and popularity.

🎯 You can examine the summary, crew members, actors, movie comments, and movies recommended to you by going to the specifics of the movie you wish to watch.


Technical Details

⚓️ This is an UpSchool Front End Development Capstone Project for education.

⚓️ The movie database API was used in the development of the application.

⚓️ React query and axios are used to pull data.

⚓️ To use the application, you must be logged in.

⚓️ On the site, you can see what`s popular and what`s new.

⚓️ Both the homepage and the navbar have a search bar where you may find the movie you`re looking for.

⚓️ The navbar can also be used to reach popular and top-rated categories.

⚓️ The movies on the category page can be sorted and filtered in a variety of ways.

⚓️ The movie overview, crew, actors, comments, and suggestions are presented on the detail page when each movie is clicked.

⚓️ The user has the option of adding the item to their favorites or seenlist.

⚓️ All of this data flow is managed using Redux.

⚓️ All of the user`s information is saved locally.


🚀 React

🚀 Redux

🚀 Redux Persist

🚀 React Router Dom

🚀 React Query

🚀 Axios


🚀 Styled Component

🚀 Slick Slider

🚀 Debounce

🚀 Custom Pagination

🚀 Eslint Airbnb standarts

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