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A small command line utility for fully vendoring module dependencies


Because Google have a different idea of what vendoring means than the rest of us. If you use the built-in go mod vendor command, it will only cherry pick certain files for inclusion in the vendor folder. This can cause problems when using Cgo because it ignores C files that are not in the package directory. Tests and examples for dependencies are ignored too.

This tool copies the entire dependency tree into the vendor folder like every other package manager does and how every sane developer would expect it to work. It can be used safely in the $GOPATH or elsewhere.

This package expects that the new module system introduced in v1.11 is being used.

What does it do?

This tool fully copies all files from your project's imported dependencies into the vendor folder. This allows you to:

  1. Always have access to all files in your dependencies, even if they go offline
  2. Always be able to build your project on a disconnected computer
  3. Always be able to run the tests or benchmarks for all your dependencies

Supported Go versions

  • v1.11+


$ go get


$ cd $GOPATH/mypackage
$ vend


Run the following command for help.

$ vend -help

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