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node-webrtc is a Node.js Native Addon that provides bindings to WebRTC M87. This project aims for spec-compliance and is tested using the W3C's web-platform-tests project. A number of nonstandard APIs for testing are also included.


npm install wrtc

Installing from NPM downloads a prebuilt binary for your operating system architecture. Set the TARGET_ARCH environment variable to "arm" or "arm64" to download for armv7l or arm64, respectively. Linux and macOS users can also set the DEBUG environment variable to download debug builds.

You can also build from source.

Supported Platforms

The following platforms are confirmed to work with node-webrtc and have prebuilt binaries available. Since node-webrtc targets N-API version 3, there may be additional platforms supported that are not listed here. If your platform is not supported, you may still be able to build from source.

Linux macOS Windows
armv7l arm64 x64 x64 x64
Node 8
Electron 4


See node-webrtc/node-webrtc-examples.


Contributions welcome! Please refer to the wiki.

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