Guide to first-party vintage SLR lenses
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3 years ago33mitJavaScript
Extract depth map and original from photos made with Google Camera's Lens Blur.
Stereo Calibration516
2 months ago17C++
:camera: :camera: Stereo camera calibration using OpenCV and C++
4 years agootherC++
A path tracer in 300 lines of C++
10 months ago8otherPython
Open source repository for the code accompanying the paper 'Non-Rigid Neural Radiance Fields Reconstruction and Novel View Synthesis of a Deforming Scene from Monocular Video'.
6 years ago2C++
Low-cost DIY 360 camera video capture and stitching
3 years ago2
A repo to keep track of interesting gadgets and toys that I find or someone tells me about.
9 months ago25July 04, 20221gpl-3.0Python
Light-field imaging application for plenoptic cameras
4 years ago5mitPython
Camera Lens Super-Resolution in CVPR 2019
13 days ago15October 22, 202014gpl-3.0Jupyter Notebook
Framework for predicting neural activity from mouse orofacial movements tracked using a pose estimation model. Package also includes singular value decomposition (SVD) of behavioral videos.
Camera Mount108
9 months agoapache-2.0
A mount to support a lens and camera body that can be mounted using standard GoPro hardware
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A guide to first-party vintage SLR lenses. View it live at https://aperturepedia.com

With the increased interest in vintage lenses due to their easy adaptability with modern mirrorless cameras, Aperturepedia is designed to serve as a central hub for data on vintage camera lenses.

Criteria for lens inclusion:

  1. Lens must designed for full-frame film SLR cameras. (rangefinder & medium format lenses may be added after 35mm lens data is complete)
  2. Lenses must be manufactured or branded by the camera manufacturer (Minolta, Nikon, etc). No 3rd party lenses for now.
  3. Only manual focus lenses will be included for now due to their greater adaptability to modern mirrorless cameras.
  4. Lenses must have been made in the 20th century (aka "vintage").
  5. Lens systems are generally prioritized by popularity and availability of reference data.

Currently Supported Lens Mounts

  1. Minolta SR (MC/MD)
  2. Canon FD (and FL)
  3. Nikon F
  4. Pentax K
  5. Pentax M42
  6. Asahi Pentax M37
  7. Olympus OM
  8. Konica AR
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