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Right click "Bash-here" Shortcut in Context Menu for MSYS2 MINGW32/64 shell

This is all the configuration files needed for adding "bash here" options in the Windows right-click shortcut/context menu.

This implementation should work for MSYS2 and MINGW32/64 shells that come with MSYS2.



  1. Make sure environment variable %HOME% exists. (This script will source %HOME%/.bash_profile)
  2. git clone [email protected]:njzhangyifei/msys2-mingw-shortcut-menus.git into your desired directory to install
    • Or git clone when git via ssh is not available
  3. ./install and follow the instructions
  4. double-click install_right_click_menu.reg file to merge it into your windows registry
  5. (Optional) If you don't see icons in the context menu, please install msys2-launcher via pacman (pacman -S msys/msys2-launcher-git) or from source

Note (TL;DR)

  • This script does NOT depend on cygpath.
  • If you are using Zsh, please copy-and-edit a msys2_shell_zsh.cmd in your MSYS2 install directory. You will also need to change TEMPLATE_SHELL in the install script to zsh. For example template, please see reg_aio_zsh_msys2_shell_example.template.
  • If you are using msys2 with filesystem newer than 2016.05-2, this script will only generate one .reg file. That's ALL you need to create this context menu. You can delete this directory after merging the .reg file.

Note (For msys2 version with start_shell.cmd)

  • For the MSYS2 version with start_shell.cmd, the script will use bash_here_start_shell.template for generating bash scripts.
    • You MUST have environmental variable $HOME defined as your home directory path.
  • To use shell other than bash (e.g. to use zsh), you might want to create a start_shell_zsh.cmd and (mingw*/msys2)_shell_zsh.bat. Then, you will need to modify either the template or the bash script generated to call the corresponding batch file.


The MIT License (MIT) 2015 Yifei Zhang

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