Manage your trips containing several steps with a description, photos and GPS points.
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Ulogger Android257
12 days ago6gpl-3.0Java
μlogger • android application for real-time collection and publishing of geolocation data
Nodejs Tk102112422 years ago12July 17, 20211unlicenseJavaScript
DEPRECATED - Server for Xexun/Coban TK102 GPS tracker devices - Anyone want to take over this project?
7 years ago2JavaScript
Background Phonegap app that sends current gps location to a server.
13 days ago6mitPython
A DIY, python-based framework to set up a server and exchange TCP packets with a chinese GPS+SIM (2G) device whose communication protocol is derived from something called GT06
Chasr Server52
a year agoagpl-3.0Python
End-To-End Encrypted GPS Tracking Service
Tk102 Server27
9 years agogpl-3.0Python
Python server for tk102-2 compatible GPS trackers.
4 months ago1mitKotlin
Firmwares for Huami wearables
4 years agogpl-2.0PHP
GPS tracking system
4 years ago1gpl-3.0C++
AG Rooftop controller with NTRIP client and IMU (ESP32 Controller)
9 months ago2mitC
GPS/GLONASS tracker server for Debian
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You took beautiful photos on your last trip, have a great story to tell about what you've seen but no place where to publish it? Then you are at the right place here! Triplog is a Client-Server-Application which is used to manage trips with several steps. Each step can have a description, photos and GPS points to show the distance you covered.

Technology Stack


  • Java SE 8, EE 7
  • Wildfly
  • MongoDB
  • JAX-RS


  • AngularJS


I appreciate every feedback or pull request!

Maven build

To build and test the project simply run Maven in the root directory. It will install all needed backend & frontend dependencies automatically.

mvn clean package


If you are working on the frontend only it might be useful to have live reload in place. To do so simply run

grunt live

in the subfolder /triplog-client.This will start a small web server which automatically updates changed sources. In order to refresh your browser you'll need a LiveReload plugin. Here for example the Chrome Plugin.

JBoss Configuration - System properties

The server application is reading the configuration from system properties set in standalone.xml.


    <property name="key" value="value"/>  

Possible Properties

Key Description Default Value
triplog.admin.password The admin password which is used to add, delete or update content password
triplog.admin.user The admin username which is used to add, delete or update content admin Path on server where pictures are stored - The size of the thumbnail picture in Pixel 500
triplog.mongodb.dbname The database name where TripLog stores its data triplog The MongoDB server hostname localhost
triplog.mongodb.password The MongoDB password -
triplog.mongodb.port The MongoDB server port 27017
triplog.mongodb.user The MongoDB user -
triplog.session.timeout Session timeout in minutes 60
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