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3 months ago30gpl-3.0TypeScript
An online blackboard 🖉 with fridge magnets 🌈🧲 for teaching, and making animations 🏃 and presentations ⎚.
Pluralsight Course Server Side Rendered React Nextjs69
a year ago123mitJavaScript
This is the repository associated with the Pluralsight course "Building Server-side React Apps"
4 years ago25mitPowerShell
A PowerShell-based server and farm monitoring solution
Ordersystem Project35
5 years agoTypeScript
The sample project for the course.
Biztalk Server Developing Integration Solutions28
3 years agoC#
This course is for system developers who will be working with Microsoft BizTalk Server. The course cover concepts and technologies in the context of integrations and provide an overview on the Microsoft integration landscape.
5 years agoC++
Teaching the basic client server model and get multiple instances connected through a collaborative puzzle game. (ref: PP_UEM)
5 years agoCSS
Companion repo for the course: GraphQL for Beginners with JavaScript
Relay Modern Typescript Server22
3 years ago1mitTypeScript
A graphql server written for sibelius' relay modern course
Realtime Help20
7 years ago2apache-2.0Python
Learnanalytics Microsoftml19
4 years agootherHTML
Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning with MicrosoftML
Alternatives To Ngcourse2 Thai
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Angular 2 Course From

This repository contains handout materials and code for's AngularJS training course, focusing on Angular 2.

This is meant to be used as a part of the course, which is normally offered as a 2-3 day event. See for more information.

The Handouts

See the handout for the handout. You can either view it in your browser or download a PDF, ePub or Mobi version.

ngCourse2 - Git Book

The Code

The repository also contains a sample app. The project has a server and client component. This repository contains only the client code. The server code is available at However, You do not need the server code to run the front end. Instead, you can access the API server deployed to and develop the client-side code on your own machine.

To run the sample app:

  1. Install dependencies and typings:

    cd app
    npm install
  2. Start the build process and the development server:

    npm run dev
  3. Then point your browser to http://localhost:3000


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