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NSM File - Beta file fieldtype for EE2

  • Adds credit, caption and subject textareas to file uploads.
  • Adds size and style drop downs for css class hooks.
  • Drop in replacement for the default file fieldtype


  1. Download repo
  2. Rename folder to nsm_file
  3. Move to expressionengine/third_party
  4. Move themes/third_party/nsm_file to themes/third_party


Use as a single tag or tag pair.

Single tag outputs the full url

{my_custom_field} =>

Tag pair has the following nested tags

	[caption] => {caption}
	[credit] => {credit}
	[subject] => {subject}
	[style] => {style}
	[size] => {size}
	[filedir] => {filedir}
	[filename] => {filename}
	[is_image] => {is_image}
	[extension] => {extension}
	[path] => {path}
	[server_path] => {server_path}
	[thumb] => {thumb}
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