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New Eden Social

Hub for EVE Online community.

What's it about

Project was started with an idea of creating social platform for players of EVE Online. A place where players could connect and share their experiences, fan art, images, videos, thoughts, propaganda...

Each "user" would be an actual EVE Online character and you could only login using game's credentials (SSO), this way characters could interact outside of eve online. Alliances and corporations could share propaganda videos/art and gather followers who could re-share and spread the word.

Whole platform would heavily relay on EVE Online API, so that you could send in game emails, money, create events (calendar). It would feel as an extension of game itself.

Think of it as combination of r/eve and twitter. A hub of EVE Online community.

Preview of New Eden Social


Branch master is automatically deployed on each commit/merge to development servers. Production servers are automaticly deployed on each release (tag).

Version API WEB Documentation
master branch Development
latest release Release

Changelog is located in


We welcome everyone that wants to contribute! You should read and before you start. If you have any questions you can ask them on issues or directly on slack in #new-eden-social.

Progress tracking

Current state of what is being worked on, can be found in this project.


List of packages that can be re-used by 3th parties. They are written for NestJS framework, but in the future, there is plan to write them in platform agnostic way.

Name Description NPM
@new-eden-social/esi ESI Client for NestJS npm
@new-eden-social/eve-sso EVE SSO Client for NestJS npm
@new-eden-social/zkillboard ZKillboard Client for NestJS npm
@new-eden-social/killmails-stream ZKillboard KillStream Client for NestJS npm

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