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yojimbo is a network library for client/server games written in C++.

It's designed around the networking requirements of competitive multiplayer games like first person shooters.

It has the following features:

  • Cryptographically secure authentication via connect tokens
  • Client/server connection management and timeouts
  • Encrypted and signed packets sent over UDP
  • Packet fragmentation and reassembly
  • Reliable-ordered messages and data blocks
  • Estimates of packet loss, latency and bandwidth usage

yojimbo is stable and production ready.

Source Code

You can get the latest source code by cloning it from github:

  git clone

After cloning, make sure to run this command to populate the and submodules:

  git submodule update --init --recursive

Alternatively, you can download one of the latest releases


The author of this library is Glenn Fiedler.

Other open source libraries by the same author include: netcode and reliable

Glenn is now the founder and CEO of Network Next. Network Next is a radically new way to link networks together, it's a new internet for games, one where networks compete on performance and price to carry your game's traffic. Check it out at


yojimbo was generously sponsored by:

And by individual supporters on Patreon. Thank you. You made this possible!


BSD 3-Clause license.

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